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Welcome To Our Referral Contest

Hundreds Of Dollars In Bitcoin & Advertising up for Grabs!

Prizes for the top 10 places!

Scroll Down To The Bottom Of This Page To See If YOU Are In The Top 10!

Contest Starts: Jan 15th 2021
Contest Ends: Jan 31st 2021

10 Chances To Win A Prize!

*Read Rules Below* 

1st - 100,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $100!)

2nd - $30 In Bitcoin

3rd - 75,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $75!)

4th - $20 In Bitcoin

6th - 75,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $75!)

7th - $10 In Bitcoin

8th - 50,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $50!)

9th - $5 In Bitcoin

10th - 25,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $25!) 

All FREE & PAID members can promote & win a prize! 

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 Look at all the prizes above! 

Imagine All The Commissions You'll Earn Going For 1st Place!

for several FREE ideas on where to promote plus use YOUR resources below:

Facebook, Twitter, Ad Exchanges, Safelists, List Builders, Traffic Exchanges, Ad Boards, Your Own Opt-in List, Your own thank-you pages & download pages

---------------------------*A few simple rules---------------------------------

 No Spamming, No Paid Signups, No Autobots, No Paid To Click Referrals, No Referral Farms, No Cheating.

If you think what you are doing is cheating, it most likely is.

We have ways to check for cheaters - Anyone caught cheating will be deleted. No warnings. No Prizes.

Okay, so if I haven't scared you away :) Start referring members!

Remember: No Junk Traffic, Fake Traffic, Incentivized, Non-Buying Country Traffic, You Must Have An Average Upgrade Rate Like Everyone Else.. All Members Who Send Real Traffic Manage To Have A Certain % Of Upgrades.. If You Send Junk Referrals I CAN TELL AND YOU WON'T GET PAID

Prize $$ Will Be Paid Out Within 7 Days (or less) After Contest Is Over

You must have a minimum of 30 referrals to win a prize if you're in the Top 1-5!

You must have a minimum of 15 referrals to win a prize if you're in the Top 6-10!

Bitcoin payments will be paid using your crypto address in your Elite Downline Club back office so make sure you program that address where instructed!

I will be announcing the winners - with instructions on how to request your winnings - in my Facebook Group located CLICK HERE so make sure you join my Facebook Group to be notified!

If you see your name in the listings below & you are NOT a PAID Member you will recieve 50% of the Bitcoin prize!

Hey... all it takes to be a paid member is a one time payment of $10 for the GOLD Membership!

If you are a Silver Fox JV Member CLICK HERE you will receive DOUBLE the winnings listed above!  


===>Click Here To Join For FREE & Start Referring<===

Top 10 All Time Affiliates

Name Userid Referrals
Frank Bauer access 327
jim watts teameb 250
Marty Bostick martyb 154
Carol Wilson carolWilson 106
Orlando Gooch opgnetwerk 90
Frank Hester cryptopros 57
Kobus van der Merwe Kobuskoskas 54
Vlad vp1997 49
Colin Brazendale ColinB 38
Richard Vernooij Voltagetherealone 29


Current Contest Participants Below


1574 Verified Members
Member Name Referrals
Marcus Miller51
Frank Bauer21
Orlando Gooch17
Tommy Wilkens17
jim watts16
Marty Bostick16
James Cruz8
Giorgi Tsomaia3
Ron Williams3
Ian Forgie2
Fe Hermo2
Hojjat Sfi2
Temidayo Gabriel 1
Kobus van der Merwe1
Michael Camire1
Dartanyan Terry1
Gennaro Turco1
Logan Crawford 1
Barry Davis1
Hayden Kirton1
Timothy J DeVinney1
William White1
Adetilewa Seriki1
Kevin Hill1
Ahanonu Clinton1
sewradj krishen1
Lenny Poole1
Dennis Mbogori1
Carl A. Goodnight1
Giuseppe Puglisi1
Zandile Zondi1
leonardo ventura da silva1
Matthew Izibili 1

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